Ambarish Anand’s Best Seller debut book: ‘Mastering Digital Transformation for Enterprises and Professionals’

In the electrifying universe of IT awesomeness and futuristic tech capers, enter Ambarish Crowned with the “Nationwide Award 2023” and the “Global Leaders Award 2023” for being an IT service rockstar who has made his literary debut. Ambarish’s journey isn’t just a stroll down success lane; it’s a rollercoaster of wit, wisdom, and the occasional “eureka!” shared generously in his debut book, aptly titled “Mastering Digital Transformation for Enterprises and Professionals.” The book was launched as a free download for a week for the student community. In the first week of launch itself, the book has hit the best-seller on


Connecting the Dots:

Picture this: Ambarish’s journey, from juggling multi-million-dollar projects to snagging recent accolades as a trailblazer in service delivery excellence, is a bit like a tech-infused soap opera. As you flip through the pages, you’re not just reading; you’re embarking on a wild ride, collecting pearls of wisdom tossed your way from Ambarish’s illustrious 17-year career. Buckle up, reader—it’s a roadmap for success, and the GPS is set to ‘Awesome.’

Who Stands to Benefit:

Now, who’s this book for? It’s not just a high-five to Ambarish’s awesomeness; it’s a tech treasure map for everyone! Students eyeing the IT realm get a backstage pass to the challenges and victories. Professionals hungry for innovation find a feast of strategies to catapult their careers. Enterprises with digital transformation dreams get a sneak peek into proven methodologies that are like rocket fuel for business growth. It’s like having a tech-savvy genie in book form—rub, read, and watch the magic happen!

Key Themes Explored:

Think of Ambarish’s book not as a memoir, but as a techno-jungle safari. The book talks about futuristic technologies with real-world examples, how they are going to impact us, and how tech enthusiasts can set themselves up and be prepared to ride this opportunities bandwagon.  It not only talks about what the future technologies are going to be but also the future jobs, their description, and practical applications. Be it Blockchain, Cyber-security, Data Science, AI or existing technologies like low code-no code, AI based monitoring tools, or CI-CD, everything has been touched upon succinctly to the benefit of the readers.

Real-Life Examples:

Hold on to your hats; this isn’t your average tech bedtime story. Ambarish takes real-life examples and turns them into the Robin Hoods of the tech world. Each concept gets its own superhero cape through anecdotes and case studies. It’s like reading a comic book where the superheroes are your mentors, and the villains are outdated tech practices. POW! ZAP! This isn’t theory; it’s a hands-on guide to tech awesomeness.

Economic Implications:

But wait, there’s more! This book isn’t just talking about technologies and future, it first set the tone up in the context and relation to economy and then takes you step by step. How with the tech onslaught, the economies , lifestyle etc changed and how those are going to impact further in the future as well.

A Vision for the Future:

As you flip through the book, you’re not just seeing a tech scrapbook of Ambarish’s coolest moments; you’re catching a glimpse of the future! The book becomes your crystal ball, guiding you through IT industry trajectories, economic rollercoasters, and a future where tech and innovation throw the coolest parties. Ambarish isn’t just a storyteller; he’s a visionary time-traveler, and you’ve got a front-row seat to the future fiesta!

Connect with Ambarish Anand:

Amidst the tech triumphs and inside jokes sprinkled throughout the book, Ambarish invites you to join the afterparty on LinkedIn: Ambarish Anand on LinkedIn

Don’t let this rocket ship of wisdom blast off without you! Ambarish Anand’s book isn’t just a story; it’s an invitation to unlock your own tech potential and party with the future’s coolest nerds.

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