Sunbeam world school expansion to UAE & Saudi Arabia licensed by UAE government

India, December 19, 2023: Sunbeam World School, a 100% online institution, has garnered attention for its cutting-edge curriculum and remarkable legacy spanning 51 years. Established in 1972, the UAE government recognises and licences this school.

Sunbeam World School, affiliated with the CBSE, Cambridge, and NIOS boards, caters to parents seeking admission for their children from nursery to grade 12. With a history lasting more than five decades, the school is well-known for providing excellent education. 

What sets Sunbeam apart is its adaptability, having transitioned to an online model in 2015, with roots in San Francisco, USA. This move aimed to cater to parents with transferable jobs, providing continuity in education regardless of geographical constraints. The foresight proved invaluable during the pandemic, propelling Sunbeam into the global spotlight.

A representative from Sunbeam World School shared, “Our commitment has always been to provide accessible and high-quality education. The decision to go online in 2015 was for parents facing relocation challenges. Little did we know that this decision would become a foundation, especially during the unprecedented times of the pandemic.”

Another noteworthy aspect of Sunbeam is its inclusivity. The school takes pride in offering special classes customised to the needs of students with special requirements. This commitment to diversity and individualised education has created an inclusive environment and become a model for other educational institutions.

With over 65 physical schools, the institution envisions a world where borders do not confine quality education. The affiliation with CBSE, Cambridge, and NIOS boards ensures a comprehensive and globally recognised curriculum, preparing students for the challenges of the modern world.

Sunbeam’s commitment to providing quality education, inclusive approach, and recognition by the UAE government highlights its dedication to creating a brighter future for every student. Sunbeam World School emerges as an institution and a guiding light, empowering students to reach new heights and inspiring parents to believe in the power of education.

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